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Whether you’re a florist, dentist, or accountant, there are certain risks that most businesses face, like fire, theft, natural disaster, malpractice, or employee injury. Business Insurance provides cover against these unforeseen events that could lead to substantial financial loss.

You can’t predict what might happen to your business in the future. Many factors could threaten its productivity, such as unexpected fire damage to your property, theft, a natural disaster, or the injury of a key employee. Without cover, you might be exposing your company to risk. A single blunder could drain your hard-earned resources and force you to cease operation.

Buildings Insurance

If your business owns the premises from which it operates, you’ll need to make sure you cover the physical structure, as well as the fixtures and fittings.

Stock insurance

From the goods you’re storing and selling to the ingredients you need to produce them, we can provide cover for it all.

Plant, machinery and contents insurance

There are many assets on which your business may rely. We can help cover everything, from the machinery that helps you produce goods, or render a service, to the general office furniture.

Glass insurance

Glass can be a major aesthetic element to your business, or even a functional one in the case of window displays. Either way, we can help to provide the cover you need to fix what can be broken.

Money insurance

Because cash is king, there are many associated risks. Look to us to help you insure your actual physical money, as well as the places in which you keep it, if need be.

Electronic equipment insurance

Whether your business makes use of laptops, tablets or specialist electronic devices, we’ll make sure they are covered if lost, stolen or damaged.

Business all risk insurance

This will provide you with comprehensive worldwide cover for any business items you take or use outside of the office. These include items such as laptops, cell phones and specialist equipment.

Business interruption insurance

The cost of damage to your business’ property is one thing. But what about the cost of not being able to actually do business as a result? With interruption insurance, you can recover lost gross revenue, gross profit and gross rental income, as well as increases in cost of working.

Personal accident insurance

Businesses is nothing without the people who are involved. This type of insurance covers all employees within your business and pays out in the case of death and bodily injuries.

Accounts receivable insurance

Keeping financial records is paramount for any business, which is why it's imperative to insure your business’ actual book of accounts.

Comprehensive fleet insurance

Choose us to help you get comprehensive insurance and your fleet will be covered against loss or damage from nearly anything. This cover extends across SA and into Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique.

Goods in transit insurance

Enjoy cover for the loss or damage of your goods while they’re in transit, whether being transported by road, air, rail or even post

Protect Your Business against unexpected events or loss of key personnel

Most small businesses are reliant on one or two key individuals for their existence and for their development. If anything were to happen to those individuals the business would also suffer.

Plan for your future and the future of the Business

Having built up a successful business you will need to think about an exit strategy. How can you step back from the business and how can the business continue without you. Planning ahead can put you in control of these decisions.

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We're Impartial & Independent and not owned by or affiliated with any insurer. We are contracted with the best insurers in South Africa, we have access to a wide range of insurers. This means that we compare the best insurers in the market for you and provide you with the best car and home insurance solutions available. Get in touch today!

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We earn the regulated commission paid to us directly by the insurance company. You pay this commission whether you deal directly with the insurer or with an independent FSP. We don't charge any additional fees. Our expert after-sales services are free to our clients, meaning you call us to assist with claims, policy updates, advice, etc., and we do the rest.

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Expert Advice

We offer a personalised service with expert advice. We value long-term relationships with our clients and work in partnership to ensure that you get the right cover at the best price possible. Because we have direct access to the insurers, we also negotiate annual discounts on your behalf. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about our products or services.

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  • As an independent advisor, we do not have a vested interest in specific products or services that can bias our judgment or recommendations.
  • We are a boutique firm and we thrive on building long-term relationships with our clients.
  • SA Insure prides itself in working as a team — both internally and with you — offering as much or as little hand holding as you need.
  • We are large enough to offer advice on a broad range of topics, and small enough to provide exceptionally personalised services to our clients.

Tailored Advice for Complex Lives

SA Insure took the time to understand our situation & tailor their advice & solutions to our specific needs which, being a business owner, can be quite complex. Their strategies & advice have been clearly articulated & have placed my wife & I at ease.

Paul MarshBusiness Owner

Guidance towards Secure Life Insurance Plan

They listened to what I want to achieve for a secure life insurance & have guided me towards an life insurance plan which is balanced for growth & security.

Kathy C

First Class Financial Advice

SA Insure advisors have a formidable background in financial planning and insurance. They complement each other in providing first class financial advice. Their honesty, integrity & sincere interest in securing a financial future for their clients makes them a standout group.

Peter WilsonIT Professional & Business Owner

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